BCM325 beta presentation

In this Beta presentation, I changed my DA a bit, I start to focus on the future of convenience of human lifestyle, not talking about the future of communication, or interpersonal relationship, because of the feedbacks from different people, I know that I need to narrow my topic, and talk more about my DA, my DA would be a video presentation, which talks about the thoughts of my DA and analysis why and how I come up with all these assumptions, I would try to discover more in my DA’s topic and research and present it to others, in the beta presentation, it told others which stage I am in, and how would I do in the final assignment, and introduce it to others.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/8Nbf4MTiijI

One thought on “BCM325 beta presentation

  1. Hi,

    A great topic to explore for your DA! I can see that the future is clearly addressed in this project and it’s a good idea to specify the period in short, middle and long term as it’s one of the objective in this assessment.

    If I’m not wrong, I think you want to forecast how the human world would be like in the future based on current trends and technology as I saw in the video you mentioned about how different digital media and technologies effect our life and environment in the future.

    Just as you said in the video, your topic is quite broad at this stage. I have done some research on the Internet and to my observation, there are already many Youtubers who are making videos about the future of human world as well, such as Tech Insider, Alltime Conspiracies and #Mind Warehouse. Therefore, I think you should consider focusing on one aspect only so that you can not only narrow down your research area but also make your videos unique and stand out from the crowd, hence attracting more audience.

    Also, your DA topic is ‘the future of convenience of human lifestyle’, I think you are considering the utopian sides. You may also consider the dystopian possibilities in the future. Besides, there are a wide range of aspects you can explore when forecasting the factors that assisst human lives in the future, not only technologies – they can be about the cultural, social and politcal change in the future that helps us enjoy our lives better. Here are some of the ideas you can utilise for your DA:

    An article by McNeilly on the future of human rights: https://www.ips-journal.eu/topics/human-rights/article/show/the-future-of-human-rights-2336/

    An article by Deutsch on the future of world politics: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1467-923X.1966.tb00181.x

    A research aritcle by Schafer on the future of culture: http://www3.sympatico.ca/dpaulschafer/THEFUTUREOFCULTURE.pdf

    Keep in mind that the aim of this DA project is to do more than simply drawing on technologies or developments but to think about implications of your DA for the future.

    I hope it helps!

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